Pico Thailand was established in July 1995 to provide a new level of service to the businesses of the Thai manufacturing industry. Our offices are located in the prestigious Bangkok business area of Sathorn Rd.

Pico Thailand has brought a new level of product quality and service to Thailand’s large manufacturing base.

Specializing in both, Fuses and Spring Contact Probes, our highly trained sales professionals constantly strive to provide the ultimate in knowledge, service and supply to our customers.

Pico’s high quality and high reliability has brought us many new clients and Pico Thailand has the enviable reputation to be of one of the largest suppliers in Thailand.

We are constantly working on solidifying this position in the eletronics industry and are ready to push forward into the 21st century.

Empire Tower , Unit 2203 , 22nd Floor
1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa
Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Tel:   (66) 20305900
Fax: (66) 26796059
Email:   thailand@picodenshi.com