Infrared Analyser


The Infrared LED Analyser measures the wavelength and relative power of Infrared LEDs’ and sources. It has been designed to work in a manufacturing environment where reliability and throughput is a requirement. The OH-8IR Optical Head is used in conjunction with the Analyser to ensure stability of measurement.

Choice of Glass or Plastic Optical Fiber (depending on LED under test)
Operating Range 700nm to 950nm
Excellent Repeatability for Wavelength & Intensity
Ideal for Automotive Sensing, Security & Survellience Applications
Available in 3 , 10 and 20 Channel Models
Comprehensive package includes Feasa User Software and Labview Drivers.



– Rain Sensors
– Lane Departure
– Collision Avoidance
– Blind Spot Detection
– Number Plate Recognition
– Lidar


– Infrared Illumination

Industry & Education

– Interactive Whiteboards

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