LED Analyser

The Ultimate Solution to LED Intensity Issues

The Feasa Analyser is an innovative solution for testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness. There are two Models, Feasa-I(ICT) and Feasa-F(Functional). These can be ordered in 3, 5, 10 and 20 Channel configurations.


When choosing which Model is most suitable for your application there are a number of issues to consider. In this regard the choice of Interface is very important.


Feasa I Feasa F
USB No Yes
RS232 Yes Yes
20 Pin Port – Frequency Out Yes No
20 Pin Port – Synchronous Out Yes No
Daisy Chain No Yes
External Trigger Yes Yes

USB offers a very simple interface to the LED Analyser with no requirement for an additional power supply. Very high baud rates, up to 460800 baud, are available. The RS232 Serial Port is easy to use with a max baud rate of 115200. It requires the use of an external power supply. The 20pin ICT Port can be used in either Frequency Out or Synchronous Serial Mode.



Frequency Out

The Frequency Out protocol can be used where access to an RS232 Serial Port is not available. Three frequencies are used to represent the Color and Intensity of the LEDs.

Synchronous Serial Port

The Synchronous Serial protocol is suitable when tester resources are limited or no other options are available.

Daisy Chain

Multiple LED Analysers can be connected together using the Daisy Chain Connectors. Only one RS232 Serial Port or USB Port is required to connect up to 30 LED Analysers.

External Trigger Input

The Feasa I provides an External Trigger Input which can be used to synchronise LED measurements with an external event such as an LED switching on.

Led Analyser Test Time

The speed of the test is dependent on the intensity of the LEDs being tested, i.e. Bright LEDs have a shorter Test Time, Dimmer LEDs have a longer Test Time. The capture (measurement) of up to 20 LEDs is done in parallel and can be achieved in times as fast as 102ms depending on the Intensity (Brightness). The data is read back from each fiber sequentially and takes approximately 5ms per fiber, for example:

Ultra High Brightness LEDs Test Time

– 1 LED Capture Time is 2ms and Read Back is 5ms, Total 7ms. – 20 LEDs Capture Time is 2ms and Read Back is 100ms, Total 102ms.

Dim LEDs Test Time

– 1 LED Capture Time is 650ms and Read Back is 5ms, Total 655ms. – 20 LEDs Capture Time is 650ms and Read Back is 100ms, Total 750ms.

USB / RS232 Serial Port – Range Capture Times

Range Capture Time
C (Auto Capture) 350ms
C1 (Low Intensity) 650ms
C2 (Medium Intensity) 200ms
C3 (High Intensity) 22ms
C4 (Super High Intensity) 4ms
C5 (Ultra High Intensity) 2ms


USB / RS232
– Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
– Hue, Saturation, Intensity (HSI)
– Dominant Wavelength
– CIE xy
– CIE u’v’
Frequency Out
– Hue, Saturation, Intensity (HSI)
Synchronous Serial
– Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
– Hue, Saturation, Intensity (HSI)
– CIE xy

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